The course is divided in Four Modules.

The first three modules encompass four weeks and are devoted to theory, trend, and pattern identification. The participant will be required to devote a minimum of 40 hours to complete the first 3 modules, plus approximately 8 hours of personal one-on-one coaching with Prof. Aldo Lagrutta.

The fourth module has a duration of four full weeks and it is devoted completely to implementation, exam preparation, forecasting current markets while trading and following REAL and actual positions. During this module, the participant will be expected to meet 1 hour daily with the instructor.

Module One: Introduction

  1. How market professionals build on the essential basics of trend and pattern analysis and add advanced techniques such as Fibonacci Targets.
  2. An Overview of Forecasting Techniques
  3. The Two Modes Of Wave Development
  4. The Importance Of The Wave Principle - The 5 Basic Patterns
  5. Advanced Techniques Using the Wave Principle to Identify Trend
  6. The 3 Pre-requisites of a Good Trading Decision: Trend Analysis, Pattern Identification and Momentum Analysis
  7. The Dow Theory

Module Two: Motive Waves

  1. The Main RULES to Correctly Identify Impulses and Trends.
  2. Extensions and Truncations
  3. Ending Diagonals - Leading Diagonals - Where do they appear? - Rules and guidelines to identify them
  4. Fibonacci Projections, Multiples and Extensions Applied to Motive Wave

Module Three: Corrective Waves

  1. How the Trend is Interrupted: Sharp and Sideways Corrections
  2. Zigzags - Rules and Guidelines for Zigzags. How to identify and trade them.
  3. Mode and Function
  4. Bull and Bear Traps - How to avoid them - A detailed study on the Flat family: Expanded, Regular and Running Flats - Key characteristics and Fibonacci relationships
  5. Triangles - Rules and Guidelines - Contracting, Barrier and Expanded Triangles - Key characteristics and Fibonacci relationships
  6. Complex Corrections - How To and When to Expect Combinations

Module Four: Implementation and Forecasting

  1. Detailed instruction on how to analyze, forecast and trade effectively using the Elliott wave principle.
  2. The anatomy of REAL past trades
  3. Trading LIVE!
  4. Daily meetings with Prof. Aldo Lagrutta
  5. Preparation for the Elliott Wave Certification
  6. Additional Analytical Tools that may include but not limited to: Point & Figure Charting, Ichimoku Clouds, Bar & Candlestick Patterns, Moving Averages, Trend Following Indicators, Oscillators, and Trend Lines & Channels

EXAM: At the end of the second month, the participant will be required to take an exam to confirm that the candidate possesses the professional knowledge, understanding and skills to be at the level of a technical analyst in the investment community.

"My name is Marcel vd Kerkhof… and I am a trader and technical analysts with several years of experience. I have worked with many trading systems and believe that... If you like to analyze and approach the market properly, from my perspective there is only one way to do it and that’s using The Elliott Wave Principle as taught by Aldo Lagrutta. Aldo will teach you in a very understandable way how to precisely and consistently trade profitably and with confidence, for the long term. If you want to change your trading career dramatically there is in my opinion only one option: Learn it from the best mentor I have ever had and that’s Aldo. You will not regret it!”
Marcel vd Kerkhof
The Netherlands
“I would like to share my experience as a student of Prof. Aldo Lagrutta & The Elliott Wave Made Easy Mentoring course… Aldo is always available to answer questions or concerns you may have, and is willing to work with you until you fully understand. This program is not the normal program where you pay for a course, and once completed are on your own. That his not his teaching style. He believes in you, but only if you are willing to learn. This course is priceless if you ask me. I say this with confidence because once you fully understand Elliott, you will never go back to any other trading analysis. If you are looking for a guiding mentor, you have come to the right person. I guarantee it!”
Joe Lewis
San Francisco Ca
“Aldo is an instructor who gives you fish while teaching you to fish, a coach whose constant positive reinforcement and constructive criticism helps you to raise the bar.”
Dave H.